Build a large user base and track the sales.

  • Clappit shares the data of those who register to purchase tickets.
  • You will be able to send targeted communications and promotions.
  • Check sales trends, by channel or product.
  • C1 and C2 reports always updated.
Build a large user base and track the sales.

One of the fundamental principles of Clappit consists of sharing user data with the event organizer.
With Clappit, the organizer can choose the data to be requested from the user during registration, adding the organizer's preferred specifications, always respecting the privacy of buyers, and data processing.

If we consider the time, costs, and effort required to acquire a user, it is clear that having a large user base is a primary goal of every event organizer.
Considering that in the entertainment sector the average acquisition cost for each user is estimated at around 25/30 euros, it is easy to understand how the ownership of profiled user databases is a primary objective of every organizer.

With Clappit the event organizer, thanks to the precious shared data, can send to the spectators:

  • Surveys, to assess the degree of customer satisfaction.
  • Communications to stimulate the purchase.
  • Offers, on quantity, on packages, etc., to build customer loyalty.
  • Contest.
  • Newsletter, to keep viewers informed of upcoming events.

Clappit staff can create newsletters with customized templates and send massive communications via e-mail or SMS.

It is imperative for an event organizer to always be informed about the ticket sales situation for his event and the products and services he sells.
With Clappit it is possible to obtain tax reports C1 and C2, updated at the last purchase, in pdf format.

It is also possible to check the sales trend in real time, detailed for:

  • Channel.
  • Type of place.
  • Product or service.

At the end of the event, after the five working days from the end of the event that the legislation requires of the automated ticketing systems for the management of any tickets to be canceled, the Clappit staff sends the final report in detail.


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