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We are excited to announce our first Who Gives a Funk concert in the heart of Milan.

Representing the epitome of Milanese creativity and vitality, Garage Italia is the perfect venue to promote the first of many authentic music events. The headliner for our upcoming concert is other the multi-talented singer and songwriter King Charles from East London.

The singer and his band have toured with prominent artists including Laura Marling, Noah and the Whale and Mumford & Sons.

Our goal with this concert is to bring some funk to Milan while doing good in the process.

Proceeds from the concert will be used for a good cause. Luchia has been suffering from spastic quadra-paresis since birth and today, at the age of 20, we can collectively help her recover from her illness entirely. With our contribution to the surgery and subsequent rehabilitation at the Tirol Klinik of Innsbruck, we can help Luchia walk independently and finally lead a normal life.

Who Gives a Funk is a project born from our desire to entertain people while raising funds for a cause we believe in. This authentic concert experience is made for music lovers like us and brings together exceptional artists in venues that showcase the best of Italy’s beauty and heritage.

Scilla, Carolina and Alessia

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