Can you change the day or time of the event?

It may happen that you need to change the date or even just the starting hour of an event.
The modification is allowed but involves a whole series of actions and additional management by the organizer and the ticketing platform.

First of all, in Italy, it is mandatory to notify it to the SIAE office of competence that has released the permission for the opening of the presale.
On the normative side, the change, including the change in the time, entails the need to present two C1 models for the calculation of the taxes to be paid.

We remind you that Clappit ticketing system allows you to quickly export the C1 (tickets) and C2 (season tickets) fiscal documents in PDF format, daily and monthly, with which the organizer always has the situation updated and checked for any checks.
The C1 model is added because the platform will have to create and configure a new event with the updated date and time and close the event already on sale.

And spectators who have already bought?
In addition to all legal and technical obligations, it is essential to notify all customers who have already purchased the ticket to inform them of the change.

Customers have the right to cancel the ticket and obtain a refund, in case they can not participate in the new event date (not in case of event cancelled or event postponed due to force majeure) but they will have to send the original ticket to the ticket office to proceed to the formal cancellation.Otherwise, the title of access already in the hands of the spectator will be kept valid in order to attend the event.

As is easily understood, even a small change in the time of the event gives rise to an important series of obligations, additional work, and risk of withdrawal that is advisable, as far as possible, to avoid.

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