Manage the pass and keep the areas of the venue safe.


With the Clappit ticket platform, the organizer leaves nothing to chance. From the operational point of view, the passes contribute to the effective control of the areas and therefore of the safety of the event.

With Clappit it is possible to create different types of passes: pass for the employees, pass to manage access to the different areas of the venue, VIP passes, but also strictly nominal passes to be used as entrance tickets. The organizer can also manage online passes automatically.

Creation of the areas, permits, list of names with photo acquisition also from the webcam, printing and access control to the areas, are the main functions of the Clappit ticket management pass system.

With Clappit Full Ticketing, you can customize your passes for professional events: choose laminated passes, badge holders, and lanyards with your logo to carry them.
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Another innovative feature available to the organizer to create an applause event.

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