26 July 2023

Dolce Roma Fest is waiting for you!

Dolce Roma Fest is the first event dedicated to the world of pastry, in all its expression!
The appointment is for Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th November 2023, at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome.

From chocolates to spirits, ice cream to cake design, biscuits to many other categories that will come to life within the event to be held at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome. Many topics will affect the thematic areas, workshops, masterclasses, competitions, and much more to fill the knowledge and experience of visitors, who thanks to the event will have an increased cultural background, this will increase the close relationship between the Brand and the Consumer. It will facilitate the increase of the business of the participating professionals.

Within the event, the exhibitors will offer all patrons, free of charge, samples of their products and specialties: ice creams, panettone, biscuits, cakes, and all the more varied the world of pastry offers today. It will be possible to purchase the same products using only the OFFICIAL DRF23 TOKENS as exchange currency within the event, by purchasing them conveniently online, skipping any queues, or on-site.
The tokens cannot be exchanged and have an exclusive value within the event's two days. Once changed, they must be spent and consumed exclusively during the event.

Buy single tickets, passes, and tokens online!