Social distancing and relatives: find out how to sell your events with us!


With the evolution of the pandemic and with the succession of decrees to regulate the activity of events in Italy, it has become necessary to develop a function dedicated to social distancing and the management of relatives.

Social distancing can be set for events with numbered seats and even unnumbered seats, and it works both with the choice on the map and with the best seat logic.

When the customer selects how many seats to buy, the system asks if they are for relatives or not.
If the answer is affirmative, the system selects nearby places, otherwise, it provides for social distancing.

The platform allows you to set the social distance on an event: in this way, the starting capacity of the venue is reduced and the system guarantees that it is never exceeded.

In the system, it is also possible to select the number of empty seats to leave between one spectator and another in case of distancing, useful for smaller locations, with particularly narrow and close seats.

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