23 August 2021

91st International Alba White Truffle Fair: buy your tickets and don't miss it!

The appointment with the International Alba White Truffle Fair is back, one of the main showcases of high gastronomy and Italian excellence.

On the first Sunday of October in Alba will take place the Donkey Palio, the crazy race of which sees the nine villages of the city compete for the conquest of the cloth.
On Saturday, October 2 the medievaò historical re-enactment: a theatrical performance with over 400 walk-ons who will be alternating in groups, proposing historical and legendary episodes that marked the life of the medieval population.

On Sunday, October 3 the Donkey Palio will be held: a goliardic event, organized with the utmost respect for the animals, during which professional jockeys ignite the rivalry between the villages amidst the laughter of the public. The race will be divided into two heats with a final round to determine the winner.

Buy tickets for re-enactment and Palio online.

The heart of the Fair from October to December is the Alba White Truffle World Market, an ideal place to appreciate and buy truffles from the Langhe, Monferrato, and Roero areas.

The Alba Truffle Show is also very appreciated: Foodies Moment with the great chefs, the Truffle Sensory Analysis, the Pasta Atelier to learn how to make the first places with fresh pasta, the Wine Tasting Experiences: twinnings with territories of food and wine excellence and "Weddings of taste".

Choose the date you prefer and take part in the 91st edition of the International Alba White Truffle Fair.

Unusual dinners are also available this year, unique occasions where the products of excellence known throughout the world and the best chefs of the national and international scene meet the Alba White Truffle is one of the most popular foods and wine districts in the world.

Unusual Dinner: Giuseppe Iannotti Krug Ambassador at the Teatro Sociale G. Busca, Friday, October 22 from 7.30 pm. The dinner will be accompanied by a selection of Krug Champagne. Today Krug is the first and only Maison de Champagne to produce only Champagne de prestige every year since its foundation in 1843.

Unusual Dinner: Matias Perdomo at the Teatro Sociale G. Busca, Friday, October 29 from 19:30. A private course is the spring that triggers the passion for cooking for chef Matias Perdomo: Uruguayan born in 1980, who already at the age of 14 identifies his first ambitious goal: to become the chef of El Condor, the first hotel in 5 stars in your country.

Unusual Dinner: Luigi Taglienti at Castello di Perno, Friday, November 26 from 7.30 pm. His offer is able to appeal to a transversal audience, from the curious and eager to learn and know haute cuisine, to the most experienced food and wine critic, working on 4 very different yet extremely consistent cooking styles.