Is it mandatory to check the tickets validity?

Access control is a very delicate process and it has fundamental importance during an event.
Ensuring the authenticity of tickets ensures the organizer to avoids fraud and, at the same time, significantly increases the level of security of the event.

Clappit recommends always to use the access control, because it means for the organizer to have data related to the flow of participants in real time and post-event, in order to have precise information and to correct any critical situations during the live.

Another very important aspect, which every organizer will always have to consider, is the obligation to use certified access control for fiscal events in Italy if the organizer decided to sell print-at-home tickets.
Pay attention: Italian legislation requires to physically print the ticket because it is not considered a digital title, as a Passbook ticket, even if received by e-mail in PDF.
The spectators then, after receiving the confirmation e-mail with the ticket attached, proceed to print it (with a simple printer) and take it to the event.
Security personnel will perform access control by scanning the barcode or QR code with portable optical readers.

In any case, tickets control is obviously the best practice for every event. With our free Android app, Clappit Access Control is very simple, fast and secure.
For already active organizers, you can download the app for free from the Play Store, after logging in, choose the event to be checked and start reading QR codes directly from the device's camera.

Fast and precise, Clappit Access Control app tells you, with respective sounds, the validity or otherwise of the ticket and shows you, at the same time, the information for every title.
If you don't have Android phone available or you need to check multiple access control points for your event, you can ask us to rent one or more smartphones or complete kit (smartphone + barcode reader).

Clappit access control, in addition to offering many features and high speed of ticket reading, is fully integrated with Full Ticketing (tickets and product packages), the Pass System (pass, badge) and Expo Exhibitor (stands, exhibitors).

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