I have just registered and I want to publish an event, what should I do?

In order to create and publish any type of event (free or with ticket sales with or without SIAE management) it is necessary to connect an organizer to your profile . It's a simple and fast operation.

Log in to the Clappit website.
Open the drop-down menu under " Consult your profile on Clappit " and, among the " Organizer Functionality " click on the " Organizer list " button.

On the management pages of the organizers click the " Create new organizer " button and a window will open for entering the requested data.

PLEASE NOTE! The fields marked with an orange border are all mandatory. We recommend that you also enter optional data to be able to contact you in case of need for your events . Once the data has been entered, confirm with the "Save" button.

PLEASE NOTE! You can create more than one organizer for your own profile and you can manage them all from this same page.

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