Make fabulous passes for the staff and check each area at the venue.

In a market dominated by the attention to details, Clappit has created Clappit Pass System, that allows the organizers to solve the critical issues related to the event passes.
Passes creation is often an underestimated activity, which can involve manual management to achieve mediocre results.
With Clappit you can make passes for sports events, concerts, shows, corporate events, meetings, conferences, and fairs.
Not just for people, but also for parking or transport.

With Clappit, managing the event passes online is very simple, thanks to the dedicated features, which allow you to control the venue's areas and manage the "behind the scenes" safely.

Clappit Pass System provides several features.

  • Passes can be customized with your logo with color, on front and back.
  • You can import lists of names.
  • Clappit allows you to insert photos in the system or acquire them via webcam directly on the event site.
  • Passes can be used to manage access to certain areas of the venue. Clappit Full Ticketing allows the management of permissions: it is sufficient to divide the venue into different areas and customize the accesses for every single pass.
  • Not only professionals, with the Pass System you can create passes for press and guests.
  • The pass can be printed on a common A4 sheet, and then it can be laminated.
  • Clappit access control also allows pass validation.

You can entrust Clappit with the realization of the passes: once we obtain the list of names, our staff creates the custom graphics, prints the pass, and laminated them to make it even more resistant and professional, it is also possible to order the necessary accessories to allow staff to wear the passes.

Or you can decide to make passes directly from our web app, and send them automatically to collaborators or guests via e-mail.

Contact us for more information on creating and customizing passes.

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