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During the ongoing health emergency Italy slows down, but does not stop!
Many people take advantage of the time spent at home to update or learn new skills.
Language courses, training courses, refresher courses, such as those dedicated to the building administrators of our client Anaci Veneto, courses to learn how to use new programs. The possibilities are truly numerous.

Do you organize online courses and are you looking for a platform to sell them?
Discover Clappit!

With Clappit you can sell one or more online courses directly from your site with a private label (or sales page).
The user has the perception of buying directly from the organizer's website or course, and this entails a greater sense of trust, security and in general a more pleasant shopping experience.
You don't have a website? No problem, Clappit staff can also create a private label on the basis of the course poster/image.
Another, simpler option, is the sale of one or more courses only on the Clappit portal.

Do you need to generate one or more discount codes to distribute to different categories of users (e.g. newsletter subscribers, students, etc.)? With Clappit it is possible to generate codes to be used during the purchase phase, which can always be valid or within a specified period.

With Clappit it is also possible to sell packages, for example to offer promotions: three courses for the price of two, or to apply a percentage discount to the cart for the purchase of two, three or four courses.
Another possibility offered by Clappit is the sale of collateral products: if a customer puts in the cart, for example, a course to learn how to use Photoshop, before the check out phase, he will also be offered the purchase of a course for Illustrator. Of course, it is the organizer who chooses which side products to offer.

Clappit accepts the major payment methods: by credit and debit card of the major circuits, Paypal, Postepay, Satispay and, on organizer's request, by bank transfer.

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