Sell tickets from your website with our widget or from the Facebook app.


Clappit ticketing system has thought of everything. Now the organizer has two fantastic free tools to promote the event and immediately start selling tickets: the widgets and the Facebook application.

What is the ticket sales widget and how it works

Widgets are tools now really common in the web, used for the most various sectors: from the weather forecast to sports results.
They basically consist of a simple "piece of code" pre-packaged you have to add to the pages of your website.
In particular, Clappit ticketing widget is automatically available in the organizer's private area as soon as the event is correctly configured and sales open to the public. In case of some missing data or sales still closed, the widget will not be available.

To use the widget, copy and paste the code on the page of your website. The widget allows the user to choose the fare and proceed with the ticket purchase process without ever leaving your site. In addition, the sales widget is made with responsive mobile technology, all completely free, isn't it fantastic?

Facebook application 

Another great tool to promote your event and sell your tickets is to take advantage of the Facebook application.
By now one of the most famous social networks in the world is an important vehicle of information and more and more also a valid commercial alternative that allows a more friendly tone with its fans.

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