What to do at the SIAE office to create an event and sell tickets.

Organizing an event is a professional activity that requires the fulfillment of a series of regulatory obligations to guarantee security, taxation and other fundamental aspects.
One of these is surely the understanding of the main points to be satisfied in SIAE office to be able to activate the advance ticket sales as soon as possible, especially on online channels.

The organizer who for the first time faces the world of ticketing in Italy, in addition to the choice of the ticketing platform, is obliged to prepare and obtain a series of documents at the SIAE office. Warning! We refer to the part of the responsibility of the SIAE relating to the sale of tickets and not to the regulation of copyright for any music or representations of works deposited.

This is often a reason for confusion to the organizers.

The legislation on entertainment, relating to the sale of tickets, imposes the need to use an automated ticketing system, approved for the certification of collections through smart cards provided by the SIAE to the approved platform, in collaboration with the Agenzia Delle Entrate.

Firstly, the SIAE office of territorial jurisdiction is the one related to the location where the event takes place.
In other words, if a company fr is from Milan but the event will be held in Rome, the organizer will have to go to one of the mandates of competence or online after authorization.

At the SIAE office, the organizer must obtain the so-called permit for the opening of the event. Clappit personnel will request permission to enter the event in the system with all the configurations planned. The data required by the event opening permit are as follows.

  • Event title
  • Organize company name 
  • VAT number and fiscal code
  • Name of the venue (stadium, building, theater, etc.) with the address
  • SIAE Local Code/BA Code 
  • Date and time of the event
  • Gender code SIAE event (each genre has a code, for example, sport, concert, etc.)
  • VAT rate, which derives from the genre (code) of the event
  • The indication of entertainment event or show with the rate if it's an entertainment event
  • Description and image

Then there is other essential information to be communicated beforehand to the SIAE office of competence, such as the type of tickets. The type of tickets indicates in a sort of table:

  • Sector/order of place
  • Rate (for example whole, reduced, early bird, etc.).
  • Price
  • Presale
  • Total pre-sale price

The SIAE will also request data from the ticketing platform used:

  • Release system code
  • Company name and VAT number

To conclude this introduction dedicated to the organizers who are approaching the world of fiscal show events, we leave two useful links on the SIAE website regarding the rules on show and ticket sales.

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