27 June 2023

Sunflowers and Lavender of Puglia 29th June - 23rd July

Cascina Savino farm opens the harvest at the field of sunflowers and lavender of Puglia ® from 29th June to 23rd July 2023!

"We have never seen a field of colored sunflowers (red with a black heart, yellow with orange shades, white, white with a black heart, lemon-colored, and many others) or an expanse of lavender. Yet, for the third year, we have the gift to walk in. What you will see was conceived in January, prepared in April, sown and covered with grass in May, thinned out in June, and watered when necessary".

A unique emotion awaits you to be experienced with the eyes and with the amazement of children. A field of sunflowers and lavender where you can breathe in the scents of beauty.

- Purchase no. 4 colored sunflowers including access to the field for harvesting - €10
- Purchase no. 20 lavender stems including access to the field for harvesting - €10
- OFFER: Purchase n. 4 sunflowers + 20 lavender stems including access to both fields - €15

This year, after the collection, it is possible to book 2 new experiences:
- Aperitif at sunset (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) in collaboration with Onlyfood.
- Theater Shows (Saturday and Sunday) in collaboration with Teatro della Polvere and Avl.

Buy entrance to the fields, an aperitif at sunset, and theater shows on Clappit!

All events are accessed by reservation only.
Children under 5 have free access to the field chosen by their parents without sunflowers or lavender, and they do not need to book too.

How does it work?
Arrive at the camp at the chosen time and park in the designated areas, once you get off, follow the signs to get to the entrance where you will be welcomed. Based on the ticket purchased, you can access the sunflower field or the lavender field, or both. For both fields, it is necessary to have scissors to cut the flowers or the stems. If you don't have any, it is possible to take them on the field with a deposit of €5 which will be refunded when the scissors are returned. If you want, you can bring your scissors directly from home.

Field of sunflowers:
You will live the experience of choosing your 4 colored sunflowers to collect personally with the people you love.
Included with the 4 sunflowers you will have:
• Visit to the field lasting approximately 1 hour
• Possibility of unprofessional photos and videos
• Cleaning of collected flowers

How to take care of sunflowers once at home?
• Put them in a vase with about half a liter of water and half a sachet of nutrients that will be supplied to you
• Change the water after 2/3 days by shortening the stem by 1/2 cm and add another half sachet
• If necessary, add water because the flowers consume it

Lavender field:
You will live the experience of composing your own bunch of lavender of 20 stems* to be personally collected in the rows, then you will be helped to pack them to take them home.
Included with the bouquet you will have:
• Visit to the field lasting approximately 1 hour
• Possibility of unprofessional photos and videos
• Packaging with string and pendant

*Each bundle of 20 stems in addition to the one already purchased will cost €5 on-site.

To reach the location just write Cascina Savino Foggia on Google Maps (not on iPhone maps) or click on the link below: Cascina Savino

Frequent questions:

• Is it possible to do shooting (pre-wedding, wedding, photo shoots, etc.) inside the camps? Yes, there is a separate rate for info and reservations write to: info@cascinasavino.it
• Is it possible to organize events for schools, associations, centers for the elderly, etc? - Yes, during the week, just write to: info@cascinasavino.it
• Is it possible to access with a stroller or wheelchair? - Yes, you can go all the way to the edge of the pitch.
• Are there picnic areas nearby? - Yes, just search on Google for "Bosco Incoronata" 10 minutes from the Cascina.
• Do you organize aperitifs in the fields? Yes, you can buy them together with the entrance ticket to the field, or even later.
• Do you also organize theatrical performances? Yes, you can book here.


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