Dec 2022
at 21:00

Biagio Antonacci Palco Centrale Tour 2022

Mediolanum Forum, Assago


This event is organized by:
Friends&Partners S.p.A.

The artist of the event is:
Biagio Antonacci

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 I Anello Numerato Cat 2

I Anello Numerato Cat 2 / Intero

51.30 + 7.70*  + 3.54**

 II Anello Numerato Cat 3

II Anello Numerato Cat 3 / Intero

30.43 + 4.57*  + 2.10**

 II Anello Numerato Cat 2

II Anello Numerato Cat 2 / Intero

39.13 + 5.87*  + 2.70**



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