Manage accreditations for your event with Clappit.

  • Accreditations on private label, with white lists or both combined methods.
  • Fully customizable.
  • In pass or ticket format.

Ticketing and more! Whit Clappit it is possible to better manage the accreditations for the event.

What kind of accreditations? Of any kind.
Accreditations for a corporate event, press or VIP accreditations, congress and meeting, and much more.

Accreditations can be customized in layout and graphics, according to the will of the organizer.
The event program can also be attached to the accreditation.

Usually, they are made in these formats:

  • Pass, also foldable to be inserted in a badge holder.
  • Ticket.
  • Eventually, it is possible to realize accreditations convertible on the day of the event in bracelets or devices with RFID technology.

With Clappit it is possible to accredit participants to the event in different ways.

  • Accreditation on a private label. The user connects to the private label and registers independently.
  • Accreditation from white lists. The organizer provides Clappit staff with a list of names to send the credit to, Clappit sends a massive e-mail with the pass or ticket attached.
  • Hybrid accreditation. In this accreditation mode, the organizer provides the Clappit staff with a list of names, which are uploaded to the private label. A third party or the end-user can then connect to the private label, enter the e-mail address, find his/her name and download the ticket or pass.

Here is a practical example to better understand the features of the hybrid accreditation.
A tire company organizes a conference to present a new product and has provided 5 accreditations for each affiliated garage.
The company provides Clappit staff with a list of contacts, which contains the references of the directors and staff of the garages. This list is then uploaded to the private label.
Then it will be possible to proceed in two ways:

  1. Each workshop is given the opportunity to create 5 accreditations independently on the private label.
  2. The 5 names for the accredit are already entered on the private label. The single person or a representative (eg garage secretary) finalizes the accreditations. In case of a change of participant., it will be possible to register a new person by entering the data in the apposite form.

Accreditation, ticketing, fairs and passes management: download our brochure and discover the potential of Clappit.

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